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Products and Packages

We offer six different packages for WebSCS, each one addressing a different need in order to provide an optimal solution for every business. We can also customize a package for you. Figure A to the right summarizes the functions included in each package. 'N/A' means that function is not available under that purchasing package. A blank box means that function is available as an add-on for an additional fee.

To review detailed information about our packages click here. You are also welcome to click on the title of the package below for a quick link to in-depth details on that package.

Package Summaries
Click on each package to read a more detailed explanation

Master Vendor

Corporate Agency


  • Premium Package with unrestricted access to WebSCS

  • Full functionality of Corporate Agency function

  • Ability to create new profiles in every function

  • Enables creation of new users at the click of a button

  • Only package that includes:

    • Applicant function

    • Job Board function

    • Corporate Client function

  • Scheduling function

  • Potential to sub-license WebSCS

  • Designed for staffing organizations with multiple agencies or branch offices

  • Offers ability to create new agencies and branch offices

  • Create new clients or units

  • Enter new employees

  • Additional logins for agencies, clients, units, or employees available

  • Scheduling function

  • Add-ons available

  • Designed for staffing organizations with a single branch office

  • Create new clients and units

  • Enter new employees

  • Additional logins for clients, units, or employees

  • Scheduling function

  • Add-ons available

Corporate Client


Profile Management

  • Designed for companies in need of staffing services at multiple locations

  • Centralized solution for multiple locations

  • Create and manage client locations and units for each location

  • Additional logins for clients or units

  • Enter new needs

  • Confirm shifts

  • Specify employee preferences

  • Review and rank employees

  • Receive a single invoice

  • Designed for companies in need of staffing services at a single location

  • Centralized solution for a single location

  • Create and manage units

  • Additional logins for units

  • Enter new needs

  • Confirm shifts

  • Specify employee preferences

  • Review and rank employees

  • Receive a single invoice

  • "Bare-Bones" solution for any business in need of a centralized profile management system

  • Customize exactly what functions and features you want

  • Create a complicated hierarchy for companies and employees

  • Run reports for any profile or group

All Packages Include
All packages include a number of features and functions, plus a subset of reports specific to your package, a common set of tools available to every user, and the ability to have up to 15 user logins created for any access level supported by your package.

Every package includes every possible level of security, from the first day of use, to ensure your information remains secure, safe, and private.

All your company's information will be housed in our high-speed, secure, redundant multi-server platform. Your data is protected behind two firewalls, load-balanced between multiple encrypted web-servers, and backed up at four different intervals throughout the day to two (2) different backup mediums to provide optimal failsafe recovery.

Three (3) initial online web-training sessions are included in every package. The first is for executives and administration, the second is meant for end-users, and the third is an optional session. Usually scheduled one week after the second training session, it is geared towards answering questions. Training is conducted online through the use of Microsoft Live Meeting.

In addition to these training sessions, additional training sessions are available for a fee. Downloadable tutorials are also available from our support section.

Additional Services
Available to everyone is the ability to purchase additional services and add-ons to customize and enrich your WebSCS package.

    - Custom Report Generation
        If you have a need for a report that is not available, we will create it for you.
    - Training
        If three online training sessions are not enough, additional sessions, as
        well as in-person training can be purchased.
    - Technical Support
        We are always happy to help with questions that you may encounter during the use of our system.
        Tech-support rates will vary per package.
    - Website Integration
        If you need to integrate any of the features in WebSCS with your online website,
        we can also provide this.

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