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WebSCS Overview

WebSCS stands for Web-Based Service Coordination System. Developed by staffing professionals, for staffing professionals, this software provides a secure, centralized, complete solution for every staffing need. From filling shifts, to recruiting employees, this system has taken every detail into account. In addition to functionality and completeness, there has been an emphasis on security throughout the entire site. Information can only be viewed by those with specific access, and all information is secure, encrypted, and private.


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Web-Based Software vs. Software You Install
Below are some of the benefit comparisons and why the software solution for the future should be a web-based solution.
Web-Based Software Software You Install

Monthly payments. No on-location setup costs or additional licensing costs are required.

Software is usually paid for up front. Initial system costs and licensing can be high.

Server is secured. Information is backed up. Everything is managed for you. No overhead required for development or maintenance.

Server and network development and maintenance costs are user's responsibility.

Software upgrades conducted seamlessly on the server without downtime or user intervention.

Software upgrades require remote access to your system and downtime.

Software requires no installation. It can be accessed from any internet-enabled machine. Direct access into local network is not required.

Software requires installation. Users must be connected to the local network in order to run the application.

Software is developed to grow with your company.

Standard generic software, same for all users.

The Interface
Whether technically savvy or computer shy, you'll find WebSCS easy to navigate. This point and click software is easy to use, and also offers the flexibility of using hotkeys. The menu on the top of the screen is a drop-down menu. Once you select an option from these menus, a new window within WebSCS will open. It can be resized vertically, moved around the screen, and even minimized to the top of the window in WebSCS for later access. Each window has four icons in the upper right corner. The first icon is a shortcut to a contact form for administration. The second icon will open the "Help" Screen for the active window. The third icon will minimize the window, and the fourth icon will close the window. Each window provides easy access to the "Help" Screen.

WebSCS allows multiple windows to be opened at the same time, and has a window manager that allows you to quickly switch back and forth between open windows.

The background to WebSCS can be set to any custom image. The logged on user, their access level, the date and time, the user's IP address, and a help-button appear the top of the page below the menu. On the bottom of the page, a Google search bar is present.

User Levels
There are seven (7) different types of users in WebSCS, one for each level in the system. Each level can only access levels below it in the hierarchy, but not necessarily all of them.

    - Administrator
        Access every level in the system, as well as configuration settings.
    - Corporate Agency
        Access the agencies belonging to it, as well as corporate clients,
        clients, and employees joined to those agencies, and the units at those clients.
    - Agency
        Access corporate clients, clients, and employees that are joined to it,
        as well as any units at those clients. 
    - Corporate Client
        Access the clients that are joined to it and the units at those clients.
    - Client
        Access itself and its units.
    - Unit
        Access only itself.
    - Employee
        Access their own information in the system.

The hierarchy works through relationships between levels and each level can have a number of different groups. For example, there may be two corporate agency groups called "CorpAge 1" and "CorpAge 2". Users assigned to these groups will all be corporate agency level users. However, each will have access to different lower level groups, depending upon the relationships. So, if there is an agency level group "Agency 1" and it has no relationship with the corporate agency group "CorpAge 1", then corporate agency level users in group "CorpAge 1" will not be able to access the information for the agency level group "Agency 1". A relationship between groups must exist in order for higher level users to see information on the lower level groups.

Each level group will have a complete profile in the related function in WebSCS. Every function contains its own feature set, expanding the information that the profile can capture. One of the most useful features, available at every level, is the Notes feature. Notes are categorized and contain dates, times, and author information. An attachment can be added to any note in the system to help illustrate its contents. Any note can be setup to require a follow-up, meaning that an action is required, and that follow-up can be assigned to any user in the system. By utilizing the reporting system, these notes and/or follow-ups are easily managed and reviewed.

** Depending on the package that is purchased, all levels may not be available.

User Access Codes
Users are not only limited by their access level. Each user is given a set of access codes. These tell the system which functions and features they have access to, and if they can read, write, or modify that information.
The administrator can control exactly what functions and features every user has available to them.

What does it all mean?
WebSCS has been designed to provide every level of your organization with the information they need, when they need it. The main interface functions like a famliar Windows application.

WebSCS Offers these Online Benefits to Clients:
    - Confirm shifts
    - Enter needs
    - Update credential requirements
    - Recommend and rate employees and performance
    - Update contact information
    - Review schedules
    - Print shift history
    - and More!

WebSCS Offers these Online Benefits to Employees:
    - Confirm shifts
    - Update availability
    - Enter desired work locations
    - Review openings and select which interest them
    - Print schedules
    - Print completed timecards
    - Review client orientation procedures
    - and More!

Administrators have the ability to restrict users from accessing any part of the system. Access to any function or feature within WebSCS can be granted or restricted on a per-user basis. Who can view, who can add, and who can update can also be regulated.

With WebSCS there is no need for on-staff software support. There is nothing to install, nothing to maintain, and nothing to upgrade! We handle it all so you can pay more attention to growing your business.

Implementation of WebSCS
The implementation phase varies from company to company. The total time required will depend upon the number of branch offices, agencies, employees, and clients for which your company keeps a record. We will work closely with you to ensure there are no questions or problems from implementation to completion. An average implementation phase is two weeks.

Three (3) initial online web-training sessions are included in every package. The first is for executives and administration. The second is for end-users. The third is an optional session. Usually scheduled one week after the second training session, it is geared towards answering questions. All three training sessions are conducted online through the use of WebEx online conferencing systems.

In addition to these training sessions, additional sessions are available for a fee. Downloadable tutorials are also available at our support section.

WebSCS is compatible with any version of Internet Explorer 6.0 and up. It runs on any Windows operating system, including Microsoft's newest OS, Vista.

For an optimal experience use a 1024x768 resolution, and a minimum resolution of 800x600.

To function properly, JavaScript must be enabled on your browser. Read this article, provided by Google, to learn more.

Remember, because it is 100% web-based, WebSCS is available from anywhere in the world, at any time, anywhere! Whether traveling, at home, on site, or in one of your own branches, WebSCS is available from any internet-enabled computer.

There are many levels of security involved within the WebSCS to ensure that your company's information is safe and secure, including:

    - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate 128-bit Encryption
All information is encrypted using 128-bit encryption, the same technology
        used to encrypt online banking, to ensure that the data remains secure and private.
128-bit encryption has never been broken.
    - Microsoft SQL Permissions
Even though a user exists within the system, that user must still be granted
        permission to access your database.
    - Active Directory Users and Policies
If a user account does not first exist within Microsoft's Active Directory,
        a secure metabase within our server, they will have no access.
    - WebSCS User Account and Settings
Each user must also be entered into the WebSCS custom user list and must
        not be blocked.
        * Access Level
Each user is assigned an access level which controls the level of
            information that they are able to view.
        * Access Codes
Each user is assigned access codes. There are individual access codes
            for each function of the system, as well as controlling read/write permission.
    - Event Logging
        Every accessed page in the system is logged so a complete record of everything viewed or saved is kept.

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