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Tools Function

The tools function offers some features that are not function specific. For example, while access to notes is available from any profile in the system, you can also access the note function directly from the tools menu. Also, there is a feature called Common Functions which you can configure to include the functions and features in WebSCS that you use most often. This will then provide you with a one-click shortcut to any of these commonly used functions. You can even configure specific functions to auto-open immediately after WebSCS finishes loading! Through the tools menu you are also able to reset your password for WebSCS.

Another nice feature is the SCS Notepad. This is a place to enter a note for yourself that no-one else can view. It can be saved for later viewing. This feature allows users to save all the text they type very often. Then it can be copied and pasted in other areas. The notepad also can contain reminders or lists for yourself.

A very useful tool is the Master Search, which provides the ability to search and filter through almost anything in WebSCS. You can specify any number of search parameters, choose what information to show in the results, and even save your search so that you can run it again later. The results of the Master Search can be exported into Microsoft Excel or Access, as well as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Instead of exporting the results, they can be used to create mailing lists and email lists as well.

Through the tools function you can select what Event Notifications you would like to subscribe to. Every event and action in WebSCS is carefully logged and monitored to provide the optimal level of security and auditing. WebSCS can automatically send you an email notification when a specific action occurs in the system. The email that you receive has a link in it that will cause WebSCS to immediately open the profile for that event. So, for example, if you have subscribed to be notified when an employee updates their availability, then when you click the link in your email it will automatically open that employee's availability in WebSCS!

All Accounting Features are also provided through the tools function. The available accounting features include, but are not limited to, running accounting reports, printing client invoices, and processing employee payroll.

Packages with Tools Included
Tools are included in all packages available for purchase of WebSCS.

For more information about our packages, please review our Products and Services section.

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