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Health Care Staffing Agencies

WebSCS offers the complete solution to all your staffing needs.

The development of WebSCS was driven directly by staffing agencies all over the country. Project supervisors were instructed by individuals with over 16 years of experience in the staffing industry. Just take a look at these benefits.

Benefits to You, the Staffing Agency:
 With WebSCS you have:

  • All aspects of the staffing agency management are included in a single centralized solution

  • Features employee credential management, complete with expiration warnings and file inclusions

  • Complete auditing and tracking information are available at any time

  • Provides complete detailed information on your clients, units, employees, and shifts.

  • All information is right at your fingertips from any computer with internet access

Benefits to your Clients

 With WebSCS they can:

  • Confirm shifts

  • Enter needs

  • Update credential requirements

  • Recommend and rate employees and performance

  • Update contact information

  • Review schedules

  • Print shift history

Benefits to your Employees
 With WebSCS they can:

  • Confirm shifts

  • Update availability

  • Enter desired work locations

  • Review openings and select which interest them

  • Print schedules

  • Print completed timecards

  • Review client orientation procedures

Available Packages
Three basic packages are available to Health Care Staffing Agencies, each designed to cater to different needs.

Master Vendor Package
This premium package provides unrestricted access to every feature in the system.

  • Manage multiple groups of agencies or branch offices.
  • Provide web-based access to each agency and branch office, as well as their clients, units, and employees.

Corporate Agency Package
Designed for corporations responsible for staffing multiple agencies or offices that don't group them into separate corporate agencies.

  • Your corporate agency logins have access to any of the client, unit, employee, and shift information for each agency.
  • Agency logins also have access to a single agency's employees, clients, units, and shifts.
  • You can provide your clients, units, and employees with logins to review their information or run reports.
  • The only corporate agency available to you is your own.
  • New groups of agencies, corporate agencies can not be created.

Agency Package
Designed to meet the needs of a health care staffing organization with a single location.

  • Manage and create clients, units, and employees
  • Provide logins into the system for each employee.

For more information on packages, please visit our Products Section of the website.

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