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Scheduling Function

The Scheduling Function directly relates clients, units, employees, and agencies into a shift. Each shift illustrates a staffing need at a facility. A shift's status is determined by the information entered into it.

Shift Confirming and Canceling
First an "open" shift is created in the system for a specific client's needs. Users can then add employees as potential candidates for these shifts. Candidates for a shift can be added by many different user access levels. Corporate Agency and Agency users can enter candidates into shifts as they please. Clients and Units can be given the option to submit candidates, communicating an employee preference for this shift. Even employees can be given the option to add themselves as a candidate.

When an agency selects one of the candidates to work the shift,  the process of converting it to a "Confirmed" shift begins. To confirm a shift, the agency must contact both the selected employee candidate as well as the client and enter the confirmation information for each. This confirmation includes dates, times, and contacts. After this has been completed, the shift becomes "Confirmed".

After a shift is completed and confirmed, the client or employee might contact the agency to cancel. Both the employee and client must be contacted in order for a shift to be completely cancelled, and complete cancellation information must be entered into the shift. This cancellation information includes dates, times, contacts, as well as who cancelled the shift and why. In the event that an employee cancels their shift, the user is given the option to create a new shift in the system which matches this shift's details so that the client's needs can still be filled.

Shift Checks and Follow-Ups
In the process of confirming an employee, WebSCS runs a series of checks against the client requirements to ensure that the employee meets each one. If something is missing, the system will prompt that there is a potential problem. For example, if the client requires that the employee has an up-to-date proof of negative TB, then WebSCS checks the employee's credentials for a recent TB test.

In the event that there is an important problem with the employee or client, the scheduling function will create a "follow-up note" either for the user working with the shift or the user responsible for contacting a specific client or employee. Notes can be entered into the system for any category, and each note can be marked as needing a follow-up. Users can then easily review their follow-ups in the system to ensure they work through any problems the system has found. They can also review any notes that other users have requested a follow-up for.

Bill and Pay Rates
The scheduling function also includes client billing and employee payment information. The rates for each are stored in an "exhibit". Exhibits are specific to a client or unit. A specific exhibit is selected when a shift is created to ensure that shifts are billed and paid accordingly.

Exhibits are created through the client or unit profiles in the system. Each exhibit is specific to an employee type and contains bill and pay rates for each period of the day, as well as weekend rates. Exhibits can be set to expire along with a client contract so that the system knows when a client needs to be contacted about potential rate changes.

In addition to the exhibit rates, each shift has a feature that allows an amount to be added to the bill or pay rate for that shift only, providing maximum flexibility to the user booking the shift.


  • The ability to copy a shift over a period of time is included with the option of linking them all together into a "shift series". This provides excellent flexibility if a client has a reoccurring need or an employee has a recurring schedule. By creating a "shift series" and linking copies of a shift together, a user can update a linked shift's settings and automatically apply those updates to all other linked shifts in the series.
  • The ability to rate an employee's performance is a very useful feature, as these ratings are included in our reports for review. Administrators can opt to provide a client with access to shift information, allowing them to rate the employees themselves.
  • A shift match will allow the user to search for the most eligible employee for a shift, providing percentage ratings on how well an employee meets each shift's requirements. The shift matching feature allows the user to specify which criteria is most important to ensure optimal matches.

Packages with Scheduling Included
The Scheduling Function is available in all available packages except for the "Profile Management" package.

For more information about our packages, please review our Products and Services section.

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