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Report Function

The Report Function of WebSCS is the main portal to all the reports in the system. Depending upon the package you purchase, there can be up to 70 reports to choose from, organized into eight (8) different categories.

Each report has its own screen and set of optional configurations that control how the report appears, what content is included, and how it sorts the results. After configuring the report options, the report appears in a new screen in an interactive HTML format. From here you can browse between pages, jump directly to a page, search the report, zoom in on the report, export the report into a number of different formats, and print the report. Two print options are available. The first is to print using Adobe Acrobat, the second is to use your browser's built-in printing capability. The second option has been made available for those computers without Adobe Acrobat installed. It's highly recommended to use Adobe Acrobat to print the report, because using the browser capability may disrupt the report's layout and page breaking. There is a free download called Adobe Reader, available at no cost, which can be downloaded by clicking here. Installing Adobe Reader will enable you to use the PDF printing button.

Available Reports
The reports that are available in WebSCS are sorted into categories. These categories are as follows:
    - Analysis
        Reports for administrator's business analysis
    - Applicant
        Reports specific to the applicant function and features
    - Client
        Reports specific to the client function and features
    - Employee
        Reports specific to the employee function and features
    - Job Order
        Reports specific to the job order function and features
    - Notes
        Reports specific to the notes feature, available in any profile
    - Shift
        Reports specific to the scheduling function and features
    - Timesheets
        Reports specific to employee timesheets

Report Technology
The report forms and viewer have been designed using ASP.NET and integrate with Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services to provide you with the optimal report processing and viewing experience. You have the ability to export any report into Microsoft Excel or Word, as well as save it as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document. In addition, you can search any report using a keyword, group the report, sort the results, and of course print the results.

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