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Job Board Function

The Job Board Function is similar to the scheduling function since it outlines clients' needs and allows them to be filled. However the job board allows the tracking and scheduling of temporary, long-term, semi-permanent, and permanent positions. Also unlike the scheduling function, applicants can be entered as candidates for jobs, as well as employees.

Job Board Profile Screens

  • The Information Screen contains the basic information for the job itself. Also included on this screen is the location that the job takes place, the practice area that the job entails, who ordered the job, to whom it will be billed, the priority level of the job, how many openings the job has, and the duration and time settings for the job. As candidates are added to the job and it becomes filled, the status for the job will change on this screen.
  • The Candidate Screen provides a powerful search feature for adding employees and applicants as candidates for each job. A candidate is someone who might potentially be able to work a job, but has not been confirmed. A user can search for candidates by licensure, county, specialties, required credentials, and orientations.
  • The Submittal Screen pulls candidate submittal process and submittal credential information from the client profile for the location that the job is for.
  • The Pay Rates Screen pulls pay rates from the exhibits for the job's location.
  • The Description Screen pulls information about how to work at the job's location.
  • The Credentials Screen displays all the required credentials that the location requires in order to work there.
  • The Miscellaneous Screen shows who created and last modified this job.

The Submittal, Pay Rates, Description, Credentials, and Miscellaneous Screens cannot be modified, since the information displayed is pulled from other locations.

Packages with the Job Board Function Included
The job board is included only in the Master Vendor package, and is available as an add-on for all other packages except for the Profile Management package.

For more information about our packages, please review our Products and Services section.

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