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Corporate Client Function

The Corporate Client Function is designed to provide a way to group multiple clients together. Each corporate client is a group of clients, so all the clients in that group will inherit some of their corporate clients' settings, such as credential requirements and contacts.

Credential requirements are the credentials an employee must have before they can work at a location. Each credential in WebSCS is given a category. When setting up credential requirements, a user can either set a specific credential as being required or instead specify that any credential in a category will fulfill that requirement. As an example, there are multiple ways to prove that an employee has a negative TB result. If the client requires specifically a "TB Chest X-Ray" as proof, it can be set as the required credential. Or, if the client does not specify a method of proof, then it can be set up to require any credential within the "Proof of Negative TB" category.

The Notes feature is included in every WebSCS profile. Notes are specific to the profile you create them for, and are an extremely useful tool. Each note is categorized and contains full date, time, and author information. Any note can be marked as requiring a follow-up, meaning that an action is needed. A specific user is assigned to follow-up on that note, with the date and time saved upon completion. The notes screen also contains all the contact information for the profile, so you can call or email the person or location without changing screens. You can attach any document to any note, allowing further documentation. Once created, the note can be copied to any other available profile in the system. In the process of copying a note, you are provided with the option of linking each copy together, so that updates are automatically applied to all other copies.

Packages with the Corporate Client Function Included
The use of the corporate client function is only included in the Master Vendor package, however it can be purchased as an add-on with the Corporate Agency and Agency packages. The Corporate Client package will have this function available, however the ability to create new corporate clients is not provided. This package is designed for organizations in need of staffing services at multiple locations.

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