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Corporate Agency Function

The Corporate Agency Function provides a way to group multiple agencies together. In WebSCS, "Agencies" are defined as different staffing agencies or simply different branch offices for a single staffing agency. Only the "Master Vendor" or "Corporate Agency" package have this function. By grouping agencies or branch offices together, you can share contacts, shifts, employees, and clients.

Every level within WebSCS can have its own contacts. Every agency can have its own unique employees. Each agency has permission to view and staff specific clients. When agencies are grouped together into corporate agencies, then the contacts for their corporate agencies are inherited at all the grouped agencies. Reports can be run specific to each corporate agency that will include the results for all grouped agencies. Logins can be given corporate agency level access to give them access to the grouped agencies' clients and employees.

The Notes feature is included in every WebSCS profile. Notes are specific to the profile you create them for, and are an extremely useful tool. Each note is categorized and contains full date, time, and author information. Any note can be marked as requiring a follow-up, meaning that an action is needed. A specific user is assigned to follow-up on that note, with the date and time saved upon completion. The notes screen also contains all the contact information for the profile, so you can call or email the person or location without changing screens. You can attach any document to any note, allowing further documentation. Once created, the note can be copied to any other available profile in the system. In the process of copying a note, you are provided with the option of linking each copy together, so that updates are automatically applied to all other copies.

Packages with the Corporate Agency Function Included
The Master Vendor Package

To have complete access to all of the features in the corporate agency function, you must purchase the Master Vendor package. This is our premium package, allowing you unrestricted access to every feature in the system, designed for multiple groups of agencies or branch offices. Web-based access can be provided to each agency or branch office and their respective clients, units, and employees.

  • Once agencies or branch offices are grouped together into a corporate agency, a number of options become available.
  • Contacts for the corporate agency are inherited by the agencies or offices within it.
  • Reports can be run specifically for the corporate agency.
  • Reports will include the details on all the agencies or offices within it.
  • Logins can be created with a corporate agency level access into WebSCS.
    • Users with this access level would be given permission specifically to work with only the information in the system that relates back to this corporate agency.
    • These users would not be able to access any agency or office that is not a member of the corporate agency code assigned.
    • The user would also be restricted on which clients, employees, or shifts they could access as well.

The Corporate Agency Package
A more limited access alternative is the Corporate Agency package. Under this package, your highest login level will be for a single corporate agency, resulting in giving you access to the corporate agency function, but the only available profile will be your own. This package is designed for corporations that are responsible for staffing multiple agencies or offices, but do not have a need to group them into separate corporate agencies. You are not able to create new groups of agencies under this package, the only group of agencies available to you will be your own. By using this package, your corporate agency level logins will have access to any of the client, unit, employee, and shift information for each of your agencies. You can also have agency level logins with access specifically to a single agency's employees, clients, units, and shifts. In addition, you are able to provide your clients, units, and employees with logins into WebSCS to review their information or run reports.

For more information about our packages, please review our Products and Services section.

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