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Applicant Function

The Applicant Function contains detailed profile information, notes, and credentials for applicants and is geared towards capturing all the pre-hire information that one would include in a resume. Each option at the top of the profile is a link to another screen for the same applicant, each screen containing different profile details. In addition to all the profile information, the Applicant Function has many features, accessible from the left button bar.

Applicant Profile Screens

  • The Information Screen contains the primary contact and applicant information for an applicant. Contact information includes their full name, phone numbers, email addresses, address, and even their birthday. Information about how they heard about the agency is also captured, as well as the best way to contact them.
  • The Profile 1 and Profile 2 Screens contain information about experience and work preferences.
  • The Education Screen contains information about up to four (4) different levels of the applicant's education, including a school name, address, degree, major, GPA, and years attended.
  • The Job History Screen contains information about previous employment, complete with address, title, salaries, responsibilities, and dates of employment.
  • The Reference Screen contains up to six (6) of the applicant's references and the contact information for each.
  • The Interview Screen contains a history of the interviews that the applicant has had with their agency, along with any comments for each.
  • The Miscellaneous Screen contains information about the applicant's languages spoken, and who created and last modified this applicant's profile.


  • The Availability Calendar holds information on the days and periods of the day that an applicant is available, unavailable, and wants to work. For each day and period, WebSCS will list available shifts that the applicant could potentially work. This list of shifts is searchable by location to speed along the scheduling process.
  • The Credential System for applicants is an extremely useful feature. It allows for the tracking of issuing and expiring applicant credentials. Each credential allows for a document to be uploaded for every credential, allowing a user with proper permission to view a scanned image of the actual credential, if applicable. When an applicant becomes hired, these credentials are copied over to their employee profile and are analyzed when the employee is entered into a shift and compared against those credentials that a client location requires. If a client requires a credential which the employee does not have, or has expired, then the shift will warn the user of the missing and expired credentials.
  • The Notes Feature is included in every WebSCS profile. Notes are specific to the profile you create them for, and are an extremely useful tool. Each note is categorized and contains full date, time, and author information. Any note can be marked as requiring a follow-up, meaning that an action is needed. A specific user is assigned to follow-up on that note, with the date and time saved upon completion. The notes screen also contains all the contact information for the profile, so you can call or email the person or location without changing screens. You can attach any document to any note, allowing further documentation. Once created, the note can be copied to any other available profile in the system. In the process of copying a note, you are provided with the option of linking each copy together, so that updates are automatically applied to all other copies.
  • Orientation Information for an applicant is populated by the agency entering where an applicant is interested in becoming oriented. When an applicant becomes hired, these orientation wants get copied over to their employee profile.

Packages with the Applicant Function Included
The use of the applicant function is included only in our Master Vendor package, but is available as an add-on for all other packages.

For more information about our packages, please review our Products and Services section.

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